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PLC Product Examples

Building Leadership Message Board Protocol for Analyzing Student Learning and Reflecting on Practice
Action Plan Worksheet Common Assessment and Rubric
SMART Goal 1 Essential Skills and What to Omit Worksheet
SMART Goal 2 Essential Outcomes for the Entire ELA Course
PLC Norms DuFour Award Essay
FMS PLC Inventory

Write Source Student Models

Standards based writing samples and lessons covering all genres K-12.

The Annenberg Teachers' Lab
Experiment with new teaching and learning ideas in math and science -- and identify activities you can use in the classroom. This site features labs based on the professional development series and workshops broadcast on the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project Channel. Each Lab combines online activities with background information and interactive polls or worksheets participants can use in their classrooms, plus links to related Web sites. And be sure to visit the Annenberg/CPB homesite to find resources in every content area.

ALPS - Harvard's Teacher Lab
The site includes model lesson plans and activities; curriculum design tools; online educational publications; interactive forums, workshops and conferences; and teacher journals refecting on practice. The site is built around three themes: Teaching for Understanding ; The Thinking Classroom ; and Education with New Technologies . Important for everyone interested in improving teacher practice. Of special interest to middle grades educators: A Year of Teaching 7th Grade English; A Year of Teaching 8th Grade Science; The Colonial Biography Unit for 7th Grade History.

Education World

Supported by advertising and corporate contributions, the Education World site just gets better and better -- both broad and deep, offering original material on important education topics, lesson plans and teaching ideas, a massive index to internet sites, and -- most important -- an energetic and innovative staff that continues to search for ways to best serve educators. This link leads to a site guide that will ease exploration of this large site. Also see EW's "Great Sites for Teaching." And sign up for one or more of their mailing lists (including "Teacher Lesson Plans") -- they add great new stuff all the time.

PBS Teacher Source

Includes more than 1,000 free lesson plans (matched to standards), teacher guides and online activities--and you can explore these resources by subject or grade level or with keywords. The site includes information about how teachers and media specialists can legally tape PBS shows for classroom use. The site also includes advance schedules and info about ordering PBS videos .

Edutopia Online - George Lucas Educational Foundation
This may be the best site on the Web about cutting-edge teaching and learning. Of course, there's an emphasis on technology, but the resources here go far beyond that. You'll find stories about innovative middle schools, videos that show ideas in action, interviews with experts, and whole sets of information on topics like "Project-Based Learning." Explore this site -- it's worth a couple of hours!

Subtitled "Smart Tools for Busy Teachers," this is certainly one of the best all-around teacher sites on the Web. It may have more stuff than MiddleWeb!

Learning Network for Teachers
A large commercial website full of resources for teachers at every level and in every subject. "Our goal is to provide you with lesson plans, resources, and materials that make your professional life easier." Part of the larger Learning Network which has special sections for students, parents, and teens. See especially the Fact Monster homework help site.

The Coalition of Essential Schools "Fieldbook"

Shared strategies, resources, and tools for improving schools, drawn from the work of Coalition of Essential Schools members and CES publications like "Horace." From this Fieldbook "homepage," visitors can explore resources about classroom and school practice. As the page notes, "We are collecting the powerful wisdom and learnings occurring across the CES network and sharing them via the Web." CES also plans to provide a forum for online interaction around the effectiveness of these various strategies.

GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials

With its Gateway to Educational Materials, the US Department of Education aims to make the Web "a more friendly place for teachers." GEM evaluates resources from federal, state, university, nonprofit, and commercial sites and compiles a database of lesson plans accessible through a simple search. There are currently over 140 organizations supplying over 7,000 documents to the database. This site can serve as a source of good ideas for supplementary activities in a well-designed and implemented curriculum. Searchable by subjects, keywords, grade levels, etc.


Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides teachers through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners. The site developers have created a friendly, funny, easy-to-use system that's teacher-savvy and requires little or no web experience to use. "You'll end up with a Web-based activity that lives right on the Web so that you can immediately share it.... And this is all done without you ever having to know anything about HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Web servers, or those 'www-dot. things. 'Oh my, how nice,' we'll bet you're saying right now!"

Looking At Student Work Web Sites

Looking Collaboratively at Student Work: An Essential Toolkit

School Leaders Look at Student Work

Genetics Links

Multiple Intelligences

Lexile Framework for Reading - It makes perfect cents.
Geo Bee CMP2 Grade 6 stacked covers Kids Voting Mesa County

Mesa County Public Library

Discovery Education link google apps

PARCC, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Practice Test link for ELA

Practice Test link for Math