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Believing that intelligence plus character is the true goal of education, my personal mission is to guide inpidual students to maximize their full, intellectual potential. By empowering them to use their unique gifts and talents, tempering those gifts with knowledge, skills and opportunity, I will enable my students to be responsible and contributing members of our dynamic society here in Fruita, Colorado.

Communication between parents and me is essential for the student to succeed in all areas. Family involvement is extremely important, and parents will be asked to actively participate throughout the school year in their child's educational needs at home.

  • Helping your student study
  • Checking their homework
  • Helping with ideas and research projects
  • Community service
  • Communicating with teachers

Parents will also be encouraged to visit their child's classroom for presentations. Research suggests that the more intensively parents are involved in their children's learning; the more beneficial are the achievement effects. This holds true for all types of parental involvement and for all types and ages of students.