Dress Code


FMS is a place that promotes dressing for success. It is important for our students to understand the importance between dressing for school and dressing for out of school activities.  Thank you for supporting a healthy and safe learning environment for all of our children. Administration will be the final judge of dress code violations. If there are concerns, the student's parent/legal guardian will be contacted at that time.


Successful school-environment clothing will cover stomachs and chests from front and side views. Clothes, tops and bottoms, will cover underwear and places where underwear would be visible to others. Bottoms will be at least fingertip length. Thin-strapped tops are also not school appropriate.


Student safety is a priority. Students will wear proper shoes for school activities. Students will be asked to remove jewelry and body or face piercings that are deemed unsafe for school activities. Some styles of clothing may be inappropriate due to the safety risk or distraction they pose to the individual or others.


Personal expression is important, but it also comes with the responsibility to foster a safe and professional learning community. Clothing that identifies or refers to tobacco or alcohol, illegal substances, gang affiliations, obscenities, sexual themes, weapons, derogatory images, or violence are not appropriate for school/school activities.  We do not wear hats, caps, visors, hoods, or sunglasses inside the school building except for school approved events.


Our goal is to help students learn to dress for success.