Dress Code


It is expected that you will maintain good grooming, hygiene, and dress in a way that creates a safe and focused learning environment. Student dress shall be suitable to a school setting, reflecting decency and appropriateness for school activities. Any clothing or accessories that are deemed to interfere with the school atmosphere and learning will be considered disruptive. Examples include but are not limited to dresses, shorts, and skirts that are shorter than the mid-thigh unless yoga pants or sliders are worn under the article of clothing. As a good rule of thumb the article of clothing must be longer than fingertip length. Other forms of inappropriate attire for school include: tank tops, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, undershirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, open back shirts and dresses, lacy tops without undershirts, see through tops/bottoms (Example- holes in pants that expose undergarments), shirts with a revealing neckline and torn apparel (all shirts/tops must have a sleeve). Clothing must cover the body from the top of the shoulders to mid-thighs (no exposed underwear, midriffs, cleavage, and belly buttons). Clothing that identifies or refers to illegal substances; alcohol/tobacco, gang affiliations, obscenities, sexual themes, weapons, derogatory images, words and/or phrases or violence may not be worn to school/school activities. Dangerous or safety concerns related to clothing such as (chains and apparel with pointed studs or saggy pants) are not allowed. Hats, caps, visors, and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building. They must be stored in lockers during the day. Pajamas and/or cloth souled slippers are not acceptable attire unless it is part of an all school activity approved through Administration. Special classes such as PE, Art, and Tech. Ed. may require additional clothing requirements due to safety concerns.

FMS encourages natural hairs colors. Hair color that is deemed a "significant" distraction to the learning environment by school administration will be handled on an inpidual basis. Body or face piercings (nose, eyebrow, lip, chin, etc.) that are deemed unsafe and or a disruption to the learning environment will not be allowed as well e.g. jewelry is not allowed in athletic competitions and P.E. Teachers will check student's attire and refer them to the office if they are in question about a student's dress. Administration will be the final judge. If there are concerns, the student's parent/legal guardian will be contacted at that time.