School Safety Procedures


Important Notice: The above images will be used on the homepage of District 51 to help notify parents and community about emergency or critical events that may occur in a school or district.


What happens in a Lock Down

- Hard or Emergency Lock Down

  • An Active Shooter in the building

  • A person who possesses an immanent danger to the safety and welfare of the students and/or staff

- Secured School

  • General information that a weapon may be on the campus and there is no specific knowledge of the person(s).

  • A need to get other resources on site to better search for weapons

  • - The school's communication is shut down.

  • An offsite Incident Command is set up and all communication is routed through that site. (Fruita Civic Center)

  • Our message on our phone will indicate where to go for information, if we have time to do this.
  • Resources for the task at hand are coordinated, which is of course keeping our children safe.

  • - What we need parents to do in a lock down
    - Go to the incident command to get information and wait for us to release students
  • Why

  • - Releasing students
    - Parental Safety
    - Students seeing parents outside
    - One point of communication
  • Media

  • Rumors
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