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Collaborative Team Documents


  These are example of products our collaborative teams produce in each unit of study.


Protocol for Analyzing Student Learning and Reflecting on Practice Action Plan 1
PLC Final Data Worksheet SMART Goal 1
Common Formative Example SMART Goal 2
Common Formative Rubric Example PLC Inventory 1
Common Assessment and Rubric PLC Inventory 2
Essential Skills and What to Omit Worksheet PLC Norms 1
Essential Outcomes for the Entire ELA Course PLC Norms 2



An Essential Skill:

1) comes from the standards

2) is collaboratively determined

3) is an enduring skill that we expect students to retain over time (as opposed to merely learning for a test)

4) is a skill where proficiency in that skill will help students in other areas of the curriculum and other academic subjects, and

5) is essential for success in the next unit, course, or grade level.

(adapted from Learning By Doing, DuFour, Pg. 65)


Essentials for Each Quarter





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