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Citing Sources

Why It's Important to Cite Sources:

  • Helps you avoid plagarism which is a violation of copyright law and is the considered theft of someone's intellectual property.
  • Gives your reader an opportunity to check out facts and determine the authenticity (credibility) of the information presented.
  • Gives your reader a place to look for further information.

When Do I Need to Cite?

  • Anytime you:
    • directly quote information.
    • summarize information.
    • paraphrase information.
  • Don't forget media that you use (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.)
  • The only thing you don't have to cite is anything in the public domain.
  • RULE -- If you're not sure, CITE IT!!!

How Do You Cite Sources?:

  • There are many formats so ask your teacher which format they would like you to use. 
  • The two most common formats are. . .
    • APA = American Psychological Association
      • used mostly for scientific or technical research papers
    • MLA = Modern Language Association
      • used for Language Arts
  • Use one of the templates (EasyBib, OSLIS, Landmarks Son of Citation Machine, KnightCite - links below) to help you create a citation, then copy and paste it into a word document to use for your final works cited page.

Biggest Headache with Citing Sources:

  • Not writing down source information when you have the source in hand.
  • It's a huge pain to have to go back and relocate the sources for the information you used.

See for further explanations/help.




OSLIS MLA Citation Maker for Middle and High School


Landmark Son of Citation Machine







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