Fruita Orchestra Calendar 2017-2018

Date                Event                                            Time               Place                Participants (School/Grade)

9/24                 D#51 Honor Orch. Auditions         by apt.          GMMS              Any interested students

10/4                 Orchestra Concert                         6:30                FMS                6th and 7th

10/15               Rock-a-Thon                             during day           FMS                6th and 7th

12/4                 Holiday Concert                             6:30                FMS                6th and FMHS

               7:30                                         7th, 8th and 9th  

2/22-23            Solo and Ensemble                      all day             GMMS               Any Interested

2/26                 7th Grade Elementary Tour           All Day       Various Schools       7th Grade                   


4/16                 Pre-Festival Concert                       7:00                 FMS                7th-12th Grade

4/22                 Play for 5th grade orientation          AM                  FMS                6th Grade                    

4/24-26            Colorado West Festival                   TBD                PHS                 7th-12th Grade

Each orchestra is assigned a 1 hour timeslot. This can be anytime on one of these 3 days.

5/7                   6th Grade String Clinic               During Day         GJHS              6th Grade

                                                  Concert                7:00                GJHS              6th Grade      

*Dates are subject to change. Please make sure you are signed up for all ParentVue communications. All notices, updates, and reminders will be sent out via e-mail to the address you have on file. This is for all PARENTS.